Paperwork Gallery is dedicated to exhibiting high quality artwork on paper, selling original works at an affordable price, and creating opportunities for artists and art collectors at all different levels. Our exhibitions typically last for six weeks at a time and we publish a catalog at blurb dot com for each show.

Paperwork maintains a flat file of work of many of the artists we exhibit. Please email us to set up an appointment to view our flat files.

This gallery has been partially funded by the Maryland State Arts Council, Mayor Sheila Dixon and the Baltimore Office of Promotion and The Arts. Thank you, Baltimore City!!

Paperwork Gallery is Cara Ober and Dana Reifler.

We are open By Appointment Only!

If you are an artist interested in submitting work to Paperwork Gallery, you can do so in two ways:
1. One way would be to email us, including your resume, an email expressing your intent, and three low-res jpegs. We will get back to you, but it may take a month or more.
2. The other way would be to check our 'news' page and look at our calls for entry. We plan to continue to have one or two juried shows a year, so, if your work fits the exhibit, this is the best way to submit.

Other professional services for artists:

1. Portfolio Preparation consultations - for Graduate School Applications and/or Professional Exhibiting
2. Artist Statement Revision and Editing - this service can be performed online or can be more personally involved.

For any questions or interest, feel free to email us at